Evelyn Hoy, Chief Executive of The Commissioner for Older People for Northern Ireland, has called on the PSNI to ensure perpetrators of crimes against older people are brought to justice following a recent spate of burglaries and robberies.

"The recent spate of burglaries and robberies against older people, some of which have been violent, are both shocking sickening, and my thoughts go out to the victims and their families.

"Violent crime and burglary against older people leaves victims frightened and disturbed by their experience. Understandably reporting of such incidences increases fear of crime amongst older people. It is important to emphasise that it is rare for robberies to involve violence against older people.

"COPNI are working with the PSNI, the Policing Board and the Public Prosecution Service to ensure that older people who are victims of these heinous crimes receive the support that they need and that the perpetrators are swiftly dealt with and brought to justice. The previous Commissioner welcomed targets in the Policing Plan 2015-16 to improve clearance rates for burglaries against older people. By ensuring offenders are prosecuted, a clear message will sent to would-be offenders that these crimes will not be tolerated. This is needed to ensure that older people can have confidence in policing and that their concerns are being addressed. I ask anyone with information about any offences committed against older people to contact the PSNI."