By law, the Commissioner must take reasonable steps to ensure that older people are made aware of the functions and role of the office. The Commissioner is also responsible for ensuring that older people are encouraged to communicate with the Commissioner and that our services are made available to older persons in the locality in which they live. 

Commissioner Eddie smiling with some older people

How does the Commissioner do this?

  • Actively seeking the views of older people, including those who find it harder to be heard.  
  • Regularly attending meetings, groups and events with older people across Northern Ireland. 
  • Ensuring equal geographical spread across NI, equal gender representation and inclusion of ethnic minority and LGBTQ+ groups.

These meetings are important as it gives the Commissioner real insight into the issues older people are facing on the ground and gives them a chance to voice their concerns with him, which in turn enables him to be a strong advocate and voice for older people. It also provides an opportunity for the Commissioner to talk about his role, the role of the office and the ways in which we can provide support. 

Are you interested in having the Commissioner attend an event?

If you are interested in having the Commissioner visit your group or attend an event, you can get in touch with us at

Over my term I will be focusing on how we can create a society which respects, values and protects older people.
Eddie Lynch, Commissioner for Older People Northern Ireland