Travelling in her 60's, teaching yoga and excelling in art- To mark Positive Ageing Month, our latest Words of Wisdom interview is with Margaret Scott, who highlights the good in getting older!

What did/do you work at?

I was a teacher- I started off teaching p3 in a Primary School in Omagh, then when I fell pregnant, I took a break for 5 years. When I returned I then taught older children with special needs. When I retired, I continued to do substitute days and principal relief.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Don't hide your light under a bushel. Nelson Mandela got me thinking about that, he let his light shine! I didn’t speak up enough when I was younger or challenge people- the world needs people to stand up and be seen.

What age has been the best age of your life?  Why?

My 60s. More freedom in life due to retirement and ability to travel and do the things I enjoy a result.

What is your earliest memory?

My earliest memory was probably when I was three years old, I was visiting my granny in Belfast, this must have been before the war as we didn’t visit her as much then, I was walking up a coarse road, I remember falling and cutting my knee- I had to have a bandage put on it. Another early memory, I must have been three then too, and my mum took me to The Ritz to see Pinocchio- I came home and asked my dad for a paint brush and some red paint, I think this is when my love of art began.

Proudest achievement?

I would say my art- I have been painting since the age of three. I remember making paper dolls and dressing them as a child. I have made many clothes over the years including my bridesmaid’s dress. I have won various competitions in the Belfast Telegraph, taught art classes at a cottage in Fermanagh, and I hold my own exhibitions each year. In 2017 I was given membership to the Ulster Society of Women Artists- members are elected to the society on the basis of their skills as an artist.

What would you say are the most difficult and most rewarding things about growing older?

Difficulty is that you lose your physical capabilities, and my eyesight isn’t as good for painting. However, I try to remain active by practicing the yoga life- not just physically but mentally and spiritually too, I listen to my body. And positives are a greater and more fulfilling social life and ability to do my hobbies, I taught yoga classes in my 70’s for other people of a similar age- I loved it!

What in your opinion was the best decade? Why?

1960s- I got married! I was in my early 20’s and we had freedom from war. Belfast was pulling itself out of hard times and became built up again. This was peaceful and really happy times.

What is the biggest misconception about getting older?

The world seems to think you are getting more stupid while actually you have a great deal to contribute. But just keep smiling- a smile goes round the world!