Global Intergenerational Week is a weeklong annual campaign celebrating and showcasing connections between generations. The week aims to inspire individuals and organisations to fully embrace intergenerational practice, bringing age groups together to form intergenerational friendships. Celebrating its fifth year, Global Intergenerational Week is bigger than ever, with 15 participating countries around the globe. 

The Commissioner for Older People, Eddie Lynch said:

 “I am delighted to be supporting Global Intergenerational Week again this year. Intergenerational Week is a chance to highlight the ongoing positive contributions and influence of older people in our society, and the opportunity for younger generations to benefit from their wealth of experience. 

“Intergenerational connection fosters understanding, breaks down age-related perceptions, promotes well-being for older adults and enriches communities. 

“I would encourage everyone to make these connections, not just during Intergenerational Week, but year-round, as maintaining relationships between generations is valuable for all ages.”

To mark Global Intergenerational Week 2024 we are once again teaming up with Linking Generations NI and The Commissioner for Children and Young People with a joint photography competition. 

Together we welcome people of all ages to enter their 2024 photo competition, with snaps that capture this year’s theme, ‘Intergenerational Happiness’. 

The judges are seeking images that showcase intergenerational moments within friendships, families, work, school or community lives, with the winning entry being awarded a voucher worth £50, from retail supporter, Spar NI.

Director of Linking Generations, NI Vicki Titterington commented on the launch of the competition: 

“Global Intergenerational Week offers an important platform to showcase and celebrate the importance of intergenerational connections and the people who make them happen.  At LGNI we believe that friendships, support and respect between generations are a vital part of life in the communities we live, work and go to school. This year’s key message is that Intergenerational practice isn’t just nice, but it’s essential!

We very much look forward to seeing the photo entries and hope this competition will inspire new and existing connections between generations!”.

The Commissioner for Children and Young People, Chris Quinn, said:

 “I am delighted to be supporting this year’s Global Intergenerational Week and to have the opportunity to highlight how essential intergenerational connections are. It is important to have solidarity between generations as we deal with the challenges we face as a society.

“They say there are many common issues and concerns shared across generations, and that opportunities for people of different ages to come together to share knowledge, experiences and ideas are crucial to help tackle problems and strengthen our communities.

“Northern Ireland is a place where all people should, by law, be supported to thrive, no matter their age, background or circumstances.

“By engaging with all age groups, actively listening to their perspectives, and ensuring their voices are valued, we can combat loneliness, remove barriers, develop sustainable community solutions, and build a future that we can all take pride in for generations to come.”

All information can be found on the Linking Generations NI website