Eddie Lynch has been appointed as Commissioner for Older People for Northern Ireland.

Eddie Lynch will take up his new role in June. His appointment will be for a term of four years.

After 8 years as the Chief Executive of Age Sector Platform, the charity responsible for the Northern Ireland Pensioners Parliament, Eddie has dedicated much of his working life to engaging and championing the rights of older people.

Eddie Lynch said, "I am delighted to have been appointed as the new Commissioner for Older People for Northern Ireland and I look forward to taking up office in June. I have worked with older people for the last 8 years and am passionate about protecting their interests.

"Older people are a tremendous asset to society and it is important that Government listens to their views. Over my term, I will engage with older people across the region to ensure that I promote the issues that matter most to them.

"I recognise that I am taking up this role at a difficult time. Older people are facing challenges that are new or are more acute than those faced by former generations.

"Older people tell me that they too often face discrimination or encounter negative attitudes towards them. I will tackle harmful, negative stereotypes whenever I encounter them and challenge discrimination. My term will focus on championing positive attitudes and celebrating the fact that people are now living longer, healthier lives than ever before, enabling them to play a valuable role in public life.

"I will use the experiences of older people to guide our work, ensuring that they are central to the decisions and plans in shaping the design of services, both today and in the future."

Evelyn Hoy, Chief Executive of the office of the Commissioner for Older People, welcomed the appointment.

"We are delighted that Eddie will be joining us as the new Commissioner for Older People. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge that will greatly benefit our work in promoting and safeguarding the rights of older people in Northern Ireland."

The Commissioner for Older People was established in 2011 after older people lobbied Government for an independent champion who would safeguard and promote their interests.