The roll out of the single one-off payment has started to reach people, from Monday 16th January 2023. All households with a domestic meter and a domestic electricity contract are eligible.

All you need to know:

This detailed guide by Advice NI will tell you how to receive your Energy Bills Support Scheme payment and answer frequently asked questions.

£600 Energy Bills Support Scheme information

How will you get your payment?

  • Customers who pay by Direct Debit will automatically receive the £600 payment into the bank account used to pay their bill. Direct Debit customers do not need to contact their supplier to receive this payment.
  • Keypad meter and Standard credit customers will receive a £600 voucher in the post from the Post Office.
    Vouchers need to be redeemed at a Post Office branch. The voucher and supporting paperwork will be needed. To receive the funds straight into your bank account you will need your bank debit card or photographic ID to receive cash payment.

Customers who pay for their electricity via a keypad meter or standard credit will receive a voucher in the mail from the Post Office which will look like this. It may be addressed to the ‘Occupier’.

Redeeming a voucher on someone’s behalf if they are elderly/disabled/housebound or otherwise unable to do it themselves

If customers require support with redeeming their vouchers, there will be an explanation on the voucher if they want someone else to redeem their voucher.

Beware of scams!

The payment is automatic. Communications from any source suggesting you need to provide personal information, phone a number, or follow a link are likely to be scams. If you pay by direct debit or if you use a keypad meter suppliers generally have all the information they need to get this payment to you. If suppliers need to contact you they will do so directly.

Exercise caution. Do not click on suspicious links. You can report messages you think are suspicious at

Suppliers and the Utility Regulator are asking us to be patient before trying to chase up a missing payment. It will take approximately 4-6 weeks to issue all payments. If by 28 February 2023 your voucher has not arrived, get in touch with your supplier at that stage to enquire.
Vouchers will be valid until 31 March 2023.

Please note: COPNI is not involved in the development or delivery of the Energy Bills Support Scheme which is administered by the UK government, principally the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, and electricity suppliers. The information provided is based on documents in the public domain and engagement with relevant stakeholders.