The Commissioner for Older People for Northern Ireland, Claire Keatinge, has welcomed the UK Government's announcement that they will double their annual funding for dementia research to £132million by 2025, and has called for further support to be made available to those caring for people with dementia.

The announcement was made in advance of a major summit on dementia which was attended by Health Ministers from the G8 nations who met to consider how best to advance research on the illness.

Speaking after the announcement, the Commissioner said:

"There are almost 19,000 people living with dementia across Northern Ireland, and many more caring for people with dementia.

"It is absolutely vital that people who live with dementia today have the support, care and security they need to lead the fullest possible lives.

"Carers must also be supported with the information, training, resources and respite that they need to be able to provide the care that someone living with dementia needs - and to maintain their own health and wellbeing.

"I welcome the leadership shown by the UK Government in convening the G8 summit on dementia and the commitment to additional funding for research."