The Commissioner for Older People, Claire Keatinge, has called on the PSNI to ensure perpetrators of crimes against older people are brought to justice following recent reports of burglaries across Northern Ireland.

"Recent reports of several burglaries of the homes of older people are both shocking and sickening, and my thoughts go out to the victims and their families.

"Crime against older people is universally condemned across our society and although the level of violent crime and burglary against older people is relatively low in Northern Ireland, each incident is traumatic, leaving victims frightened and disturbed by their experience. This recent spate of crime will make many older people within the community fearful.

"Recently, as a result of my work, new targets were included in the Policing Plan 2015-2016 to reduce crime against older people and to improve prosecution of burglary against older people. However in light of these sickening attacks on the homes of older people, I am calling on the PSNI to do everything in their power to bring offenders to justice quickly and prevent further crime. Training for police officers in dealing with older victims of crime, with thorough collection of all available intelligence and forensic evidence to ensure a greater chance of bringing offenders to justice must be a priority. By ensuring offenders are prosecuted, the fear of crime amongst older people can be reduced and a clear message can be sent would-be offenders that they will be brought to justice."